Treatment & Care

Muscle aches/pain can be easily managed by taking simple precautions and following regular exercise regimen. The following options are quite beneficial in controlling the aches.

  • Application of ice wrapped in a towel to soothe the pain and swelling if any. Ice is beneficial as it numbs the pain and aids in reducing the inflammation within the muscles. Use an icepack at least 3 times a day or as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Follow it up with rest to the affected area in order to reduce the inflammation and support recovery.
  • You can use a mild massage with topical analgesics /pain oils or balms to reduce pain if it is bothering and interfere with sleep and /or hinders your normal routine. Consult doctor if the pain is bothersome and or moderate to severe. The medicine provides immediate relief and enables a person to continue with their everyday activities.
  • Drink lots of water and fluids during and after exercise to keep the body flushed. The benefits of water are innumerable and keeping the body hydrated helps in faster recovery.
  • If the leg is injured, then it must be elevated to reduce inflammation and reduce stress to the affected area. The benefit of elevating the affected area is reducing the strain and pressure to the affected area and relaxing if for quicker recuperation.
  • Using compression bandages also helps in certain cases as they help in alleviating soreness and pain. Compression bandages and clothing can be worn on any part of the body to accommodate any sport and routine activity, and is engineered to apply mild pressure without affecting the blood supply of the distal area.
  • Consult a physiotherapist, who will advise appropriate muscular exercise and activity of the affected area without added strain to the injury, in case of severe pain. The therapist ensures that the right treatment is provided for faster recovery.
  • Try stress-relieving therapies like Yoga or meditation to relieve the tension and provide relaxation to the mind and body.


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