What is Muscular Pain ?

Muscular Aches are usually caused due to over exertion or performing some strenuous tasks that the body is not used to. The marathon you ran or the house you shifted over the weekend can all be triggers for muscular pain. No one is immune to this pain but it can be managed. It could arise due to extra housework or increased physical activity or even an extra long trip to the mall and walking the aisles all day long that can trigger muscular pain. An added strain, a sudden trauma or even stress and tension can all lead to muscle aches.

When suffering from a muscular ache, most people prefer to just to rest and sleep it away. This may help in providing some relief. However, a regular routine of exercise is the best way to keep the muscles toned and healthy.


Muscular pain is accompanied by discomfort, stiffness in regular movements and mild to severe pain. Muscular pain is usually characterized by the following:

  • Pain or throbbing in joints, legs or major muscle groups. This could be due to over exertion or sudden extra activity.
  • Tenderness in the body.
  • Soreness, stiffness, fatigue and poor sleep are all contributors to pain. The whole body can be affected to an irregular routine.
  • Unaccustomed repetitive work is usually the culprit of such muscular aches leading to spasms in the muscles.

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