Topical Pain Relief

Iodex - Courage to do more with life

When you stretch to do more with life, sometimes pain holds you back. Iodex is your ally in managing pain effectively, combining the potency of proven natural Ayurvedic herbs with the latest science, to offer two successful formulations: Iodex Multipurpose Pain Balm and Iodex Headfast.


Iodex Multipurpose Balm provides effective relief for Back, Neck & Shoulder and Joint aches, and other Strains and Sprains. By targeting the site of pain, and then efficiently easing internal inflammation, Iodex Multipurpose Balm delivers a fast solution.

The power packed formula rallies the healing capacity of natural Ayurvedic herbs such as Clove, Wintergreen, Eucalyptus, Turpentine and Menthol.

The fast absorbing formula of Iodex provides targeted pain relief. The balm contains a mild and soothing fragrance, keeping in mind the user’s active lifestyle. Created to suit every usage occasion, the Balm is available in easy and convenient 2.5g and 5g on-the-go pack sizes, as well as economical 9g, 18g and 45g pack sizes.

Iodex Headfast Balm specialises in relieving headaches – a commonly experienced discomfort in today’s stressful, fast paced life.

To swiftly reach the pain site and alleviate the headache, the Balm uses a specialised penetration enhancer with absorption boosters.

Developed with the curative powers of some of Ayurveda’s most time-trusted natural herbs, Iodex Headfast Balm is an essential keep-around remedy, available in a convenient, smaller 4g on-the-go pack size and a larger 9g home usage pack size.